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How to “Aldi” Healthcare by Taking Out Costs

By Thomas D. Wilson Aldi. The mere utterance of the name stirs fear in the heart of competitors, and joy in the heart of consumers. Aldi, the German-owned international grocery store chain with a growing presence in California, is renowned for offering quality products at low prices and even lower operating costs. It is a company […]

Cutting Costs Through Healthcare Price Transparency: Close but No Cigar

By Scott Leggett Earlier this week, the Trump administration made a dramatic move to improve healthcare price transparency. President Trump signed an executive order directing agencies to draw up rules requiring insurers and hospitals to make public the negotiated prices agreed upon in contract negotiations. Their goal: Give healthcare consumers the kind of pre-purchase pricing […]

The $3.5 Trillion Challenge — A Case for ASC Bundled Payments

  By Thomas D. Wilson According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the total cost of U.S. healthcare is approaching 18% of GDP, or $3.5 trillion. Modifying the healthcare delivery system will provide a positive impact on the U.S. economy, as well as on businesses and individual consumers, who will benefit greatly from […]

5 Ways Medical Practices Stay Busy in January

After the year-end rush of appointments and surgeries as patients attempt to take advantage of their deductibles, many medical offices find January to be one of their slowest months. Following are five tips to take advantage of the extra time: 1. Build or revisit your business strategy: Take advantage of the time and plan for […]

For Surgeons, BPCI-Advanced Offers New Opportunities for Improved Patient Outcomes, Better Financial Rewards

By Tom Wilson While reaction among providers to the formal launch of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) BPCI-Advanced has varied widely, surgeons reviewing the details of the risk-based program may find there is a lot to like. Surgical fees for procedures performed under BPCI (Bundled Payments for Care Improvement) Advanced could be […]

Spine Surgeon Talks Benefits of Affiliation with Blue Shield, Global 1

By Scott Leggett Like most doctors, Brian Perri, DO, a spine surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, Calif., is challenged to provide the best care for his patients while helping patients and payers control the costs associated with acute surgical procedures. Dr. Perri employs three key strategies to assure his patients get the best surgical care […]

Looking Behind the Headlines, Physicians Find Good News in the Implementation of U.S. Healthcare Policy

By Tom Wilson Physicians reading the news about U.S. healthcare policy may wonder about the fate of their profession amidst the backdrop of highly-charged healthcare policy debates in Washington, D.C., and attendant media coverage often focusing on the political stories rather than the practical realities of delivering medical care to patients. Behind the headlines, behind […]

Healthcare Consumer, Meet Bundled Payments

Story Highlights • Consumers, driven by ever increasing healthcare costs and rising deductibles, are actively shopping for healthcare services. • Physicians are increasingly expected to assist the patient in finding best-value services for prescribed procedures. • Patient satisfaction assessments are commonly used to reflect the perceived value people receive from their physician. • Bundled payments […]