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Bundled Payments for Ambulatory Surgery Have the Potential to Foster Increased Transparency, Improved Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Increased Capacity for Health Care Systems

As featured in Health Economics & Outcome Research: Open Access By Thomas Wilson and Sohrab Gollogly Bundled payments are a new payment methodology that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Bundled payments are designed to combine all of the costs associated with the delivery of surgical services, including the professional fees of the surgeon, assistant(s), anesthesiologists, […]

Study: Growing Number of Employed Physicians Driving Higher Medicare Costs

By Scott Leggett Forty-nine percent increase in employed physicians translates to $2.7 billion increase in costs. “The cost per patient absolutely increases” in healthcare settings where the physician is employed by a hospital system. Independent physicians working in unaffiliated outpatient centers are more efficient. Cost increases are shifting attention to the benefits of outpatient surgery […]

Healthcare Bundled Payments Lower Costs and Improve Medical Outcomes

Written by Thomas D. Wilson The traditional fee-for-service system of healthcare in the United States is being challenged by a “bundled payment” structure, supporters say it has the potential to increase transparency, lower costs and improve medical outcomes. The idea is to set prices for treating various conditions, adjusted for factors such as age, and […]

Benchmarking Study of 1,000,000 Surgeries in ASCs Demonstrates Minimal Surgical Site Infections, Emergency Department Visits and Readmission Rates

Written by Thomas D. Wilson Since two physicians opened the first modern day surgery center in 1970 in Arizona as a high quality, lower cost alternative to inpatient hospital surgery care, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) have transformed the surgical landscape. Delivering exceptional outcomes and exceedingly high patient satisfaction scores at substantially lower costs, ASCs are […]